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2022 Ballots


Every term we hold enrolment ballots on the Friday of Weeks 1, 5, & 9. So for terms 3&4, the dates are;

Friday 29th July

26th August

23rd September

21st October

18th November

16th December

We have vacancies at all year levels.

Don’t be put off by our school zone because it’s still super easy to enrol your child at our school, simply contact us to find out how to do so

If you live outside the enrolment zone (shown below) and would like to enrol your son/daughter with us this year, please email to be sent an 'Out of Zone' Enrolment Application form. Or email if you're unsure about the zone so we can also provide clearer details of its boundaries.

Reminder: Anyone living within the zone can enrol any of their New Entrant to Year 6 child/ren at any time throughout the year.

Please also pass this information on to anyone you know who may be considering Walton School for their child so that they have every chance of making the ballot deadline.

Kind regards,

Walton School Board of Trustees

Walton School EZ FINAL 21 August
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